PUEBLO AIRPORT, Your Home Town Advantage

Wednesday, June 28, 2017
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What Pueblo Memorial Airport has to Offer

Pueblo Airport Control Tower

Pueblo Airport - situated six miles east of Pueblo, Colorado on the dynamic Front Range - offers an impressive airfield capable of handling virtually any size aircraft. Additionally, this highly desirable geographic location south of the congested metro areas of Denver and Colorado Springs provides added benefits for those businesses choosing to locate here.




Airforce One at Pueblo Memorial Airport, August 2012



Airport Facilities

  • Pueblo Airport24-hour fire station - Airport rescue firefighting on site, Index B capabilities
  • Convenient airport facilities - Including terminal, restaurant, and rental car services
  • FAA air traffic control tower - Terminal radar approach control (TRACAB)
  • National Weather Service - on site with NEXRAD and ASOS
  • Navigational aids including VOR, ILS, NDB, and GPS Instrument Approaches
  • Runways - Three runways with longest 10,496 feet
  • Two fixed based operators (FBOs), Flight School, and Self-Serve 100LL fuel station


Airport Benefits

  • Pueblo AirportCompetitive landing and ramp fees - Lower rates than both Colorado Springs and Denver airports (no landing fees for aircraft less than 25,000 pounds)
  • Great mid-continent location - Excellent stopover for bicoastal businesses needing a convenient place to refuel and operate
  • Mild to moderate temperatures - Only 31 inches of snow and 300 days of sunshine annually keep runways clear and operational
  • Room to expand your business - Over 1,000 acres available for business growth and development